Your Car's Journey

At Penton we understand how important it is for you to understand what's happening to your car whilst it's in our care. That's why we've produced a step by step guide showing the various stages your car will go through.

1. After your welcome, your service advisor will confirm the required work, costs, and agreed a completion time. They will also update your contact details.

2. A check for outstanding manufacturer recalls will be carried out on Citroen, DS, and Vauxhall (Vauxhalls will only be checked at our Salisbury branch).

3. Our workshop controller will then allocate your vehicle to one of our Technicians.

4. Your vehicle enters workshop and a Health Check video may be carried out and sent to you via email or text.

5. Any additional work will be estimated, and your Service advisor will ask for your authority and a new completion time agreed.

6. Your vehicle will be quality controlled, and made ready for your collection.

7. Your service advisor will make you aware of the costs give you an explanation of the work carried out and advise you that the car is ready for collection.

8. Your car will be presented to you, and we will thank you for your business.

9. You will then be sent a thank you email, and a possibly a survey from the manufacturer. PLEASE BE AWARE WE ONLY SCORE WHEN YOU GIVE US A 9 OR 10.