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Motor Finance DCA Commission Questions

First action:
We do not keep a record of individual customers' finance agreement details. You will need to contact the lender directly. If you are unsure of specific agreement numbers or other details please refer to a credit reference agency such as Experian or Equifax.

What happens next?
Once you have found the relevant information you will need to raise a complaint with the relevant finance company for each case you wish to raise a complaint about. For your convenience our main panel of lenders contact details are as follows:

PSA Financial Services Limited:
Stellantis Financial Services Limited:
Evolution Funding Limited:
Alphera Financial Services Limited:
MotoNovo Finance Limited:

Each finance company has their own complaints procedure which they will advise you of.

I still can not find my agreement details:
If the credit reference agencies noted above are unable to provide you with specific agreement numbers and you purchased the vehicle after 31st December 2011 we should be able to provide a copy invoice from the point of purchase. This will help you narrow down which lender provided the finance. Please visit one of our showrooms during office hours Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm bringing photographic proof of ID. Due to the sensitivity of this information we will not release this digitally or to someone on your behalf.

The FCA website also gives some further information

Unbiased support throughout your finance journey and beyond

Financial circumstances can change, but you can count on the organisations below to help you find a way forward

Help and guidance sources

The sites below can help with information on what support is available to you:


What if I am struggling to pay?


You might be able to get your payments reduced or paused. Contact the lender (the company who you applied for finance with) and they can confirm what support options are available to you. They should also give you the time needed to consider your options and enlist further guidance.

Who can I talk to if I need advice?


The organisations linked above can help you if you need free and confidential advice with regards to managing your finances. Additionally, we can help direct you and help with any questions you may have.