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Pure design, clean lines, perfect balance. The  All-new Astra ticks every detail. Its precise proportions follow a compass principle - even the high-mounted energy-saving rear LED lights perfectly harmonise with the look. And you can add your own personal style with a choice of sleek white or black accent roof. 

Maximize your individuality. Choose new Astra's special lightweight alloy wheels. Available in a range of bold and pure style options, they add your own sporty look.

Other cars have everyday grilles. The All-new Astra has the forward-looking signature Vizor. This striking panel is pure form-follows-function design. Sleekly integrating front-end devices, sensors and functions into a single sweep. And its taut surfaces give a sporty confident stance. All-new Astra - the future is here. 

Plug-in Hybrid Option

Get performance and efficiency, without compromise. The responsive 1.6 Turbo petrol engine delivers 180PS, working in harmony with an 81kw electric motor.

And have the ability to travel up to 43 miles (WLTP - EAER) on a fully-charged battery.

Range, power, efficiency and instant acceleration. The All-new Astra HYBRID-e gives you everything you need. Plug-in Hybrid technology maximises power and performance. And the smooth Efficient Automatic Transmission 8-speed (EAT8) delivers 320Nm of chunky torque. 

The all-new Astra has three powerful driving modes to match your journey, road conditions and mood. HYBRID balances range and power. Electric delivers zero CO2 emissions and complete silence. And for full-out fun, just hit SPORT to make every drive a thrill.

This is smart. The All-new Astra HYBRID-e uses the iBooster energy-recovering system. It recaptures power normally lost while braking and decelerating. And  iBooster not only uses energy generated when you brake, it also kicks in when the Astra HYBRID-e is coasting. Even smarter. 

The All-new Astra HYBRID-e’s Vehicle Data Monitoring systems keep you in the know and in command. Providing an intuitive overview of driving conditions and energy consumption.  All streamed to the Pure Panel® display cluster in a stylishly simple, digitally-detoxed flow.


Step inside and discover the new and improved digitally-detoxed Pure Panel® that streamlines driver information. Relax in Ergonomic Active Front Seats11 with ventilation and massage function. Enjoy the space, technology and uncluttered comfort, thanks to state-of-the-art connectivity.

The All-new Astra's Ergonomic Active Seats1 bear the AGR2 (Campaign for Healthier Backs) seal of quality. They have adjustable head-rests, electronically-adjustable lumbar support, and extendable thigh support. Incredibly comfortable, they help provide a healthy posture for long-term driver and passenger wellbeing. Ah, that’s better.

Defrost and defog quickly with a ThermaTec® Heated Windscreen3. Get comfy with heated front3 and even outer-rear seats3.  And a heated steering wheel3 gives you a warm grip on cold mornings.

Bright and airy driving. The panoramic sunroof3 floods the interior with light and can be vented or opened all the way. 


This system combines three of the All-new Astra’s most technologically advanced features to give you command and control of your journey. Intelli-Drive 1.0 integrates Lane Positioning Assist (LPA), which gently corrects steering to help you stay between the lanes. Plus Lane Change Assist lets you know if another vehicle is quickly approaching you from behind or driving into your blind spot. And Rear Cross Traffic Alert warns you of anything approaching while you’re reversing from as far as 40 meters away. 

Science fact, not science fiction. The Extended Head-Up Display (E-HUD) projects essential information directly onto the windscreen, comfortably within the driver's field of vision. There’s more. This latest generation E-HUD technology can be set to show different pages linked to the Instrument Panel, including pop-up alerts, incoming call and media information.

The All-new Astra’s Keyless Entry & Start, paired with smart door handles, means you don’t have to break stride when starting a new journey. Simply slide in, press start and go. 


The Astra features the latest IntelliLux® Pixel lights, a leap forward in headlight technology that radically improves visibility. And its permanent glare-free high beams automatically adjust to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers. Brilliant. 

Great all round view. The Intelli-Vision activates automatically when you put the All-new Astra into reverse (or on-demand) and uses four cameras placed around the car. Switch between cameras to see any approaching cross-traffic and make parking in the snuggest spot a breeze.

Great to Drive

The All-new Astra has been engineered around a whole new platform for agility, drive ability and comfort. Take your pick from a range of technologically enhanced turbo-charged powertrains. All are smooth, reliable and have low running costs & low CO2 levels.

Options include responsive 1.2 petrol or and high-efficiency 1.5 diesel, both delivering up to 130hp and with stop/start features.

Dynamic yet economical transmissions. Both diesel and petrol engines come with a precision-engineered six-speed manual transmission or exceptionally smooth 8-speed automatic.

Choose the Driving Mode that suits your journey, road conditions and mood. NORMAL balances range and power, while ECO optimizes efficiency. For full-out fun, just hit SPORT to make every drive a thrill.


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