Penton Covid-19 Procedures

Dear valued customer,

I’m sure you have had enough information and news about this horrid pandemic that has affected the way we do things. However I think it’s important that we relay the changes that have been made to the way we operate, so we can continue to give the best service possible in these times.

Below are our new Covid-19 procedures that are there to protect our customers and staff. It is a frustrating time as our industry has to reduce services we offer, because it really is not our way, after spending years improving our services and meeting the ever changing needs of our customers.


We are now limited to how many customers we can have in the showroom at any time so we can meet social distancing guidelines and help protect our customers. We will give you an appointment time. This doesn’t mean we will work on your vehicle at this time, but we are unable to have lots of people dropping their vehicles off at the same time.

We also have to limit our bookings to around 20 customers per day. So there may be a longer lead time for a booking than we would normally offer. We are unable to offer a customer waiting service as we are unable to have lots of customers waiting at the same time and more-so struggle to social distance whilst in our reception area.

On Arrival.

Our customer parking has not changed, however please be mindful if you are parking next to another vehicle with someone exiting or entering at the same time. Give each other room.

When entering the building you will see a sterilization station with hand gel and information. There will be a one-way system for you to follow, which is marked out for you. Can we please ask you to wear a mask unless you have a valid reason for not doing so.

Your Service Advisor will be behind a clear screen, and they can be little hard to communicate through, as they block out some sound so please don’t be offended if we ask you to repeat something and please if you are unable to hear us please do let us know.

Entering the workshop.

Before we can take your vehicle into the workshop we do need to leave your vehicle to stand alone. We will then sterilize any touch points and fit protective covers (PPE) to the vehicle. This is to protect our technician. We will also want to reduce how many people get into your vehicle, and will try to keep it to just the technician that is working on your vehicle.

Once the vehicle has been completed it will be parked, and again the PPE removed and the vehicle will be re- sterilized. This is to protect you. You may experience a smell similar to the dentist for a day or two on re-entering your vehicle on collection.


When you come to collect your vehicle at the agreed time we will again sanitize your keys before handover. You will be told where your vehicle is, and if you need help locating it please don’t hesitate to ask. We do ask that you pay by debit/credit card as we are trying to avoid cash handling and will not have any change available.


We have had to make these changes not to make life easier for us, or to save money. We have done so to keep you and our staff safe, and to allow us to operate, and offer a service to you. It’s really not the service we want to give but in these uncertain/difficult times regardless of your views about Covid, we are doing the best we can for the majority.

You will notice on arrival at the Service Reception area notices stating we are unable to wash/vacuum your vehicle at the moment, we are currently investigating a way of doing this safely and soon as we are confident we can complete this in a safe way for both you and our staff it will resume.

Appointment — Protect — Sterilize — Reduce

We will offer appointment times, protect you, sterilize, and reduce contact in your vehicle.

Lastly, please can I say thank you for working with us in these times. My staff will do all they can to make your journey with us as enjoyable as possible. Like you we all look forward to being able to go back to normality.

Kind Regards

John Laffan

Director of Aftersales